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Teeth whitening in 33317

You want whiter teeth, and who can blame you? The color of your teeth are a big part of how your smile is perceived by others, and by you. The ravages of time, personal habits, and prescription medication can leave you feeling less than positive about your teeth, so depend on us at the dental practice of Scott Barr DDS for professional teeth whitening services.

Tobacco is undoubtedly the biggest culprit in the staining of teeth. With even moderate use, you can end up with yellow or possibly brown teeth. And if you’re a heavy user, then the problem can get even more obvious. Don’t think that vaping will make things any different, though. However you use tobacco, the effects on your teeth are going to be similar. Coffee, tea, wine, and cola are all very popular drinks, and they all contribute to loss of teeth whiteness. Our 33317 dental office also wants you to be aware of foods like berries, soy sauce, curry, and hard candies. And tetracycline, a common antibiotic, stains teeth as a side-effect of its use. So what to do? Well, don’t automatically put your trust in store-bought whitening products. Some of them have abrasive ingredients that will only end up damaging your tooth enamel. Furthermore, those over-the-counter items often do not give you the degree of change you’re looking for. Instead, come to our 33317 dental office. The whitening procedure is that special gel when applied to your teeth goes to work to break down the stains and reveal your naturally white smile. And depending on how you maintain the effects, you can get from a year up to several before needing re-treatment.

Make today the day you do something to improve your smile. Reach out to our 33317 dental office and let us book an appointment for you to come in for whitening.

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